WT Center in Copenhagen is the headquarters of WingTsun Scandinavia
and the oldest Wing Tsun school in Denmark.


Legend has it that Wing Tsun was created by a Buddhist Shaolin nun and Kung Fu Master Ng Mui approximately 300 years ago in ravished and war-torn China.
The system is named after her first student - a young woman by the name of Yim Wing Tsun.

Whether or not Wing Tsun's history is defined by two women, is unknown to us, but on a higher level it may very well be true - as Wing Tsun is not based on strength, weight, size and other parameters that are often in favor of the male gender. It is, however, based on anatomically effective patterns of movement that are loaded in the nervous system through training.
Only the system that disregards individual differences, can truly see the opportunity of the weak.
There will always be people that are stronger than others, and it is often a fact that they prefer to fight people, who are smaller than themselves.

Wing Tsun is not a sport, but an art of self-defense, which may translate into fighting, but without rules.
It is necessary in most martial arts genres that they be based on rules – such as when/how you may or may not attack, and circumstances such as time and place of the fight, weight classes, judges, cleared area etc.
All aspects that allow participants to join in a fair fight, which is not the case if you end up being attacked in the street. Situations, where self-defense is necessary, are not fair, and people who practice Wing Tsun, do so, not for the fair fights, but for the ability to carry on their lives without injuries.

A system that is based on the idea that the one practicing it must be protected from and in an attack, must embrace reality. All training includes the adaptation of conditional reflexes, and if it is done often it becomes a natural and effortless extension of the body’s motions.

Practicing and training Wing Tsun must be understood as a whole.



‘WT Center - the source of Wing Tsun in Denmark’

‘More than 40 years
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