WT Center in Copenhagen is the headquarters of WingTsun Scandinavia
and the oldest Wing Tsun school in Denmark.


Wing Tsun for children and adolescents is fun and challenging. It takes concentration and courage. The tools we teach in Wing Tsun may be used in many other aspects in life, now and in the future.

We teach children and adolescents from ages 7 to 15.

Wing Tsun is about incapacitating a potential assailant the second he launches his attack, as directly and efficiently as possible.
That is why we use punches, kicks, shocks with hands, elbows, knees and feet.
In addition, we use a variety of “soft methods” that pacify the opponent without hurting him. Soft methods are used in less aggressive confrontations.

Confrontation is always the last resort.

Wing Tsun must be a provoked reaction, which happens in cases, where one feels “cornered” or is in danger of getting hurt.
you have time to think, there is often another solution than confrontation.

If you don’t, Wing Tsun takes over.

We don’t teach fighting..

We are not interested in fighting. .

We teach direct and effective self-defense, as a last resort.



‘WT Center - the source of Wing Tsun in Denmark’

‘More than 40 years
in Denmark’



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WT  Center  Copenhagen

Østbanegade 55  -  2100 Kbh.ø  -  +45 33313672


Allan Jensen
+45  20 88 83 71


Lars Murholt
+45  30 12 18 06



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Østbanegade  55