WT Center in Copenhagen is the headquarters of WingTsun Scandinavia
and the oldest Wing Tsun school in Denmark.


In the east it was an old tradition that skills, technique and wisdom were taught in a close relationship between Master and student.
That meant that in China the student/apprentice spent many daily hours with his Sifu and in that way quickly learnt all aspects of the art.

Grand Master Yip Man trained in a small group 4 hours a days, 6 days a week under the supervision of his Sifu Chan Wah Shun for about 3 years. When his Sifu died he was already an advanced Wing Tsun practitioner.

To use that many daily hours with your Sifu is exactly what The WT Instructor Education makes possible. You can develop skill, technique and get a detailed and deep understanding of the system in a shorter time than what would be possible if you only participate in normal classes.

It's a great advantage to the student to receive the Wing Tsun system, the way it was traditionally taught.

WT instructor’s academy started in 1995, and hundreds of students have since graduated the intense 40 weeks program.

The education and curriculum has been thoroughly tested through the years, and participants often reflect on the experience, as a period of their life that has granted them immense levels of development, both when training Wing Tsun and in life in general.

The education is a full time study where it is possible to go deep into the core of what Wing Tsun is and become a licensed Wing Tsun instructor.

The education can be finished in one year, 40 weeks in total. For those for whom it is not possible to spend the 40 weeks continously over a year, it is possible to break up the education into shorter periods, for instance a week or month now and then a week or month later and in that way eventually complete the full 40 weeks

It is also possible to participate for a shorter period for those who wish to accelerate their personal development in connection with gradings or other situations.

The education is open for all, no prior experience is necessary since the teaching is individual and personal in a group with a limited number of participants. The individual participant will be instructed at the level he or she have at point of starting, but all the fundamentals will be corrected, detailed and in depth.

The reason that it is possible to educate an instructor in only 40 weeks is due to the high intensity with 4 daily hours of training and theory through a complete school year. The high intensity requires the participants to have a high motivation since a halfhearted participation will not make it possible to absorb the vast technical and theoretical subjects that is necessary to master in order to become a proficient Wing Tsun Instructor in such a short time.

WT Center is the HQ for WT Scandinavia, and sets the standard for all the instructors of the organization.

A majority of Wing Tsun instructors in Scandinavia either received their education at the Instructor Academy or at intensive seminars at WT Center.

The Instructors on the Wing Tsun Academy are the Chief instructors for WT Center and Wing Tsun Scandinavia, Dai Sifu Allan Enderberg Jensen, who have trained and taught Wing Tsun since 1976 when Wing Tsun first came to Denmark and Sifu Lars Murholt who received his Mastergrade in 2014.

The Chief instructors are supported by senior instructor Sihing Vivek Kailas.



‘WT Center - the source of Wing Tsun in Denmark’

‘More than 40 years
in Denmark’

‘I have really developed as a Wing Tsun practitioner and as a person’

‘Wing Tsun develops self confidence’

‘Wing Tsun is Simple,
Direct and Effective’



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